What Are Some Different NFC Chip Manufacturers?


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Texas Instruments and NXP Semiconductors are companies that manufacture NFC chips. These companies manufacture a variety of near field communication, or NFC, chips.

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Visitors to the Texas Instruments site can find detailed information on the NFC chips. This type of chip is a type of radio technology that allows communication between wireless devices. Some of the NFC chips manufactured by Texas Instruments include reader/writer, NFC transceivers, dynamic tags, sensor tags and static tags. Products can be purchased online or by contacting the manufacturer. Software, tools, training and support is also available.

NXP Semiconductors is one of the leaders in the NFC industry. This company primarily manufacturers NFC chips for Android phones and Nokia devices. NXP Semiconductors also creates NFC chips for banking cards. The type of chip used for banking cards is the SmartMX and it was introduced in the United States market in 2009.

NFC is a type of wireless short-range technology that works at 13.56 MHz. Most NFC chips are only readable, but a few are rewriteable. The tags contain data and there are four types of tags that offer differences in memory, speed, data retention and its ability to be configured. The NFC chips are certified by the NFC Forum.

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