What Is Some Different Lexmark Printer Software?


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AccuRead OCR, Document Distributor and Mobile Printing are three different printer applications by Lexmark. While the first two are desktop applications, Lexmark Mobile Printing is available for mobile devices.

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Able to convert scanned documents into digital documents, AccuRead OCR uses optical character recognition technology to offers users increased productivity, faster processing times and fewer errors. The application can scan typed documents up to 300 dpi, send the output via email and classify documents. AccuRead OCR supports PDF, TXT and RTF file formats.

Intended for business use, Lexmark Document Distributor also converts paper documents into digital formats. However, it has features targeted as businesses, such as processing the document on Lexmark servers, displaying prompts for user input, read bar codes and validate the information in a document by comparing it to templates.

Available for free on iTunes Store, Apple App Store and Google Play Store, Lexmark Mobile Printing enables users to send print orders from their mobile devices to Lexmark printers. The application can communicate with a Lexmark printer on the same local network. The printer must support IPP network printing and the Direct Image printer language. Some Lexmark models that support both are the C520, C740, X460 and MS811 models.

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