What Are Some Different Kinds of Computer Monitors?

As of 2015, some different kinds of computer monitors include the LG 21:9 Ultrawide monitor and Samsung Curved display monitors for computers. Computer company Asus also offers a 4K monitor, as well.

LG's Ultrawide monitors come in different sizes and include 25-inch and 34-inch monitors. LG designs its computer monitors for both professionals and gamers. The Samsung Curved display gives its owners panoramic views, and the display also features a flicker-free mode and comes in a variety of colors, including a high-gloss black. Samsung's Curved display comes in sizes ranging from 23.5 inches and up. Both the LG Ultrawide monitors and the Samsung Curved display monitors are energy-efficient and feature LED screens.

Graphic professionals who are looking for monitors that show minute details can consider 4K monitors such as the ASUS 4K UHD. The Asus 4K UHD monitor comes with a maximum resolution of 3,840 by 2,160 pixels. Asus also offers a gaming monitor called the MG279Q. The ASUS MG279Q has a 144-hertz refresh rate and comes with AMD FreeSync, which promotes smooth gameplay on the screen. The MG279Q is compatible for a 2,560 by 1,440 display. Additionally, the monitor's response time of four milliseconds helps reduce ghosting and streaks in games.