What Are Some Different Dashboard Layouts?


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Some commonly used types of dashboard layouts include panel-based layouts, which use a grid of rectangular information blocks to present data to the user, and layouts with statistics integrated into the layout such as bandwidth used, clicks made and words typed. DesignrFix.com provides a list of 20 dashboard layouts including Story Book, To-Do dashboard and Web App Dashboard. Another good source for dashboard layouts is WrapBootstrap.com, which has a compilation of dashboard layouts such as KingAdmin, Naut and Blue Moon.

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A common theme among dashboard layouts is to display information more prominently in relation to the importance of the information. Layouts accomplish this in a variety of ways; grid-based layouts often display the most commonly accessed programs and links in large, brightly colored sections while other layouts may prioritize data by displaying important information in the center of the screen and pushing unimportant information off to the side. Dashboard layouts also often incorporate a small selection of useful buttons and functions in an unobtrusive corner of the screen, such as the bottom right. DesignrFix.com contains a collection of interesting dashboard layout examples such as Timeline, which uses a vertical line marked with various points of interests accompanied by dates and times.

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