What Are the Different CLEAR Internet Service Plans?


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Clear no longer provides Internet service plans. The company has joined Sprint, and Sprint offers unlimited data plans for phones, as well as data only plans for mobile broadband cards, laptops, tablets and other devices. As of 2014, data plans range from 100 megabytes to 12 gigabytes of data and cost between $10.00 and $79.99 monthly.

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Clearwire Corporation was a telecommunications company that provided mobile and fixed wireless broadband services to retail and wholesale customers in the United States, Belgium and Spain. In 1998, Sierra Technologies, Incorporated spun off certain assets to create Clearwire Technologies, Incorporated. The new company was based in Arlington, Texas, and was founded by Sierra CEO Jim Gero, a former co-managing partner of the Texas Rangers Edward "Rusty" Rose, and other investors. After raising about $100 million through Goldman Sachs, the company hired a new CEO, Leo J. Cyr, who ousted the entire management team. In March 2004, McCaw Wireless acquired Clearwire Holdings, the parent company to Clearwire Technologies, Incorporated. Clearwire grew from 1,000 customers in September 2004 to more than 443,000 in May 2008. On Oct. 18, 2012, Sprint announced that it held a majority share, 50.8 percent, by purchasing shares from Clearwire's founder. On July 8, 2013, Clearwire announced that a merger with Sprint was approved by its shareholders.

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