What Are Some of the Differences Between Prezi and Powerpoint?


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Prezi provides a more interactive slideshow presentation than Powerpoint by allowing presenters to flexibly modify the order of slides in their presentation at any point, even mid-presentation. However, PowerPoint is easier to learn, cheaper to purchase, and has features such as built-in charts and graphs that Prezi doesn't.

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While users can make Prezis for free, they are limited in storage, and all the Prezis they make are publicly viewable unless they pay a monthly fee, which may present problems for professional presentations. It also limits users to using Prezi online, which may present problems if they are unsure of whether or not they will have internet access wherever they may present. While PowerPoint is not free, it is very common in offices and schools due to widespread adoption of Microsoft Office applications, meaning that PowerPoint is often already installed. As part of this, many have already learned how to use PowerPoint through prior presentations, which makes collaborating on a PowerPoint presentation more intuitive for most.

Like PowerPoint, Prezi allows for easy integration of pictures, videos, animations and more, but lacks many of the features that PowerPoint comes built-in with, such as the ability to make charts and graphs within PowerPoint. While users can use another application to creatw those charts and graphs, it introduces more difficulty than simply using PowerPoint.

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