What Are the Differences Between an Android Phone and the IPhone?

What Are the Differences Between an Android Phone and the IPhone?

Android phones and iPhones differ by their operating systems. All iPhones feature iOS, while all Android phones use the Android operating system. As of July 2015, the most recent Android operating system is Lollipop 5.0, and the most recent iOS version is iOS 8.

Android operating systems are open to modification by users and manufacturers alike, a major difference from the iOS focus on continuity across all devices. Manufacturers of Android devices customize the operating system interface so that different models of phone have operating systems that are unique superficially. All iOS mobile devices have the same interface.

Android users often change their font typefaces, interface colors and themes. Users of iPhones can only change their lock screen and home screen background, with all other superficial interface aspects remaining static.

Another difference is Guest User Mode, which is only available on Android devices. Guest User Mode allows users to lock a phone, securing all log-ins, photos and sensitive media, while allowing another person to access controlled parts of the phone. Apple devices do not support a guest mode function as of July 2015.

iPhones and Android devices also share similarities, such as their touch-focused interfaces based on direct manipulation with multiple supported gestures. These gestures include swipe, tap, pinch and reverse pinch.