What Is the Difference Between Voice Mail and Visual Voice Mail?

The difference between voice mail and visual voice mail is that with voice mail, a person calls his voice mail box to listen to messages one at a time, while with visual voice mail, he views his voice mail messages in a list format. He can select the message he wants to play and fast forward or rewind it using a slider feature.

Visual voice mail offers more features and takes less time to use than standard voice mail. With a standard voice mail, after the person calls his voice mail box, he must listen to messages one at a time in the order they were received. He then chooses to delete, save or repeat the message using number keys. Visual voice mail allows him to only listen to the messages he wants.

Some phone plans have visual voice mail as a premium feature option, while other plans include it by default, as of 2015. Another option with some visual voice mails is voice mail to text, where the visual voice mail program transcribes voice mail messages for the person to read.

Both types of voice mail offer password protection features. The voice mail box and visual voice mail automatically sync with each other.