What Is the Difference Between MySpace and Facebook?

difference-between-myspace-facebook Credit: Sam Edwards/Caiaimage/Getty Images

Differences between MySpace and Facebook include the look, information, target audience, privacy options and technology. They are both social networking sites that users sign up for to communicate with friends and family online and for entertainment.

MySpace allows users to personalize the background of their page with wallpaper, decorations and music players. Facebook features a simpler interface that allows users to add a profile picture and cover photo at the top of the page. Users are able to add various information about themselves on MySpace, versus the basic and limited information they can apply to Facebook. Facebook was originally intended to be a private network for students, while MySpace was created for a broader audience. Therefore, privacy is stricter on Facebook. MySpace was created with entertainment in mind along with social networking, but Facebook was made strictly for keeping up with friends and family.

MySpace was created before Facebook, and the designers have had more time to come up with advanced technology for the site. It is more organized and attractive to users who are technologically savvy. Each site has its advantages and disadvantages. Some people prefer one site over the other, while others enjoy utilizing both. After comparing and contrasting the differences and similarities of each site, users can come to an educated decision as to which is better for them.