What Is the Difference Between Javascript and VBScript?

Though there are numerous technical and specification differences between the two programming languages, the primary difference is the syntax that is used in programming functions. Simply put, VBScript and JavaScript are derived from different programming languages.

VBScript is rooted in the Visual Basic programming language developed by Microsoft. Visual Basic is an extension of the BASIC language, and is intended to provide a simple interface for programmers. JavaScript uses an extension of the C language in its syntax. In other words, users of each language have to type different commands to execute the same or similar functions.

There are likely more similarities than differences between JavaScript and VBScript. Both are considered lightweight programming languages, meaning they are designed for quick interpretation and ease of use. The two are also similar in their practical functions. Both are used in carrying out various tasks relating to the creation or modification of files, documents and HTML pages in run-time environments.

Since scripting often requires interaction with browsers and other controlling software, compatibility issues sometimes arise with both JavaScript and VBScript. Visual layout tools like the ActiveX Control Pad may help all involved parties to interact smoothly. VBScript, since it was created by Microsoft, is designed to function with Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. Other browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, do not support VBScript, so many developers opt to use JavaScript.