What Are Some Dietary Advantages of Using the Ideal Protein Online Program?


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Some of the benefits of the Ideal Protein program are that dieters lose weight quickly, the weight loss is fat rather than muscle, and the program eliminates sugar so the body burns fat, according to Diets in Review. The program teaches dieters why weight gain occurs and how to stop it and it offers several food products to choose from. The program was designed by medical professionals, and participants can receive one on one professional support.

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The program naturally suppresses the appetite and occurs in four different phases, which stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels, explains Diets in Review. Dieters cannot consume either simple or complex sugars and eat foods with higher protein contents so the body burns fat reserves instead of muscle mass. Those using the Ideal Protein program must take supplements and eat the pre-packaged meals, and there are a lot of restrictions on the program. Some foods that are forbidden in the first two phases of the program are rooted vegetables, sweet peas or corn and fruit and fruit juice, as well as dairy, nuts and drinks such as soda and alcohol. Other forbidden foods in the first two phases include pasta, rice and potatoes, as well as legumes, bread and other similar carbohydrates.

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