Did the Trio Stealth Pro Android Tablet Receive Good Reviews?


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The Trio Stealth Pro Android tablet received a majority of good reviews, but there were negative reviews as well. Many reviewers mention that the tablet is Wi-Fi enabled, has a high speed processor, and an excellent touchscreen, while others complain about the absence of the Google Play store.

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The reviews for Trio Pro Android tablet on Amazon are mixed with a majority of reviewers rating it with 2.5 out of 5 stars. However, the owner satisfaction of the tablet is above average as compared to rivals in the same category. Several reviewers stated that the tablet is affordable and has an efficient operating system, as well as a 4-inch widescreen display.

Some reviewers mention that the tablet is preinstalled with Amazon app store that enables easy download of popular applications. Others mention that the Wi-Fi capability enabled them to play Internet games, watch movies and browse the web. Other reviewers stated that the tablet is portable, can hold charge for long and the screen doesn't shatter easily.

However, some reviewers complained that the Trio tablet does not have Google Play store, and the android platform does not allow them to download some applications. Other reviewers complained that the device does not install some of the games downloaded from Amazon app store. One reviewer complained that the tablet could not keep secure Internet connections, has a poor viewing angle and poor resolution.

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