Why Did Your HP Wi-Fi Printer Go Offline?

A Hewlett-Packard printer connected to a Wi-Fi network can go offline for many reasons, including interference with the wireless connection to the printer or problems with the wireless network itself. In some cases, operating system configurations can cause an HP printer to enter offline status intermittently even if the Wi-Fi connection is stable.

Incorrect configurations of the wireless settings on an HP printer or its associated wireless network often cause the printer to enter offline status. The printer may display specific error messages on its control panel or on a wireless network configuration printout that can help diagnose the specific issue. It is possible to resolve some issues caused by interference between the printer and network by changing various settings. For example, changing the wireless channel that the printer uses can improve the reliability of its network connection if there are several other wireless devices using the same channel.

Some users of HP printers find that their printers enter offline status after switching between public and private wireless networks when using Windows 8.1. This problem occurs due to the deactivation of the network discovery and file sharing features of the computer when using public networks. Manually reactivating these features usually brings printers back online.