How Did Dr. Becker Start the Your Health Television Program?


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Dr. Richard Becker and his wife, Cindy, started the Your Health television show in 2010, following Dr. Becker's battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which began in 1997. Dr. Becker's illness compelled he and his wife to investigate natural healing, and through their research and experience, they later formed Bio Innovations, a company that makes and supplies dietary supplements and skin care. The popularity of their products and the visibility of their research led to the subsequent launch of their television program.

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Dr. Becker and his wife host a daily talk show, giving audiences practical advice and health education with the help of knowledgeable guests and call-in questions from live viewers. While Dr. Becker leads the discussions on medicine and health research, Cindy provides cooking demonstrations using healthy ingredients with an eye toward affordable ingredients.

Though Dr. Becker is in remission, his research is ongoing, and the couple continues to make improvements on products sold through Bio Innovations, and to offer new supplements and other health products. "Your Health with Dr. Richard and Cindy Becker" airs on multiple channels, offered through both local networks and nationwide services such as Dish Network. Though the impetus for the program was Dr. Becker's research regarding his condition, the show itself focuses on a wide range of health topics, including heart health, digestion and skin care.

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