What Is Dialer Software?


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Dialer software is an application that automates the process of calling external phone numbers, with the aim of increasing the number of live connections that call centers get. Call center agents don't operate efficiently when they manually call each number, as many calls don't go through. Dialer software calls on behalf of agents, increasing their talk time per hour.

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There are three main types of software dialers: preview dialers, predictive dialers and power dialers. With preview dialers, call center agents select the numbers they want to call, and then they wait for the system to dial them. Depending on the availability of phone owners, the call center agents start talking or disconnect the phone call. After calls, the agents manually update the records.

A predictive dialer uses sophisticated algorithms to predict which agents are available when a contact answers the phone. The dialer uses the length of the response to determine whether the contact is live or an answering machine. If there is no available agent, the dialer terminates the call. With progressive dialers, also referred to as power dialers, agents indicate their availability before the dialer automatically places the call. After a call, the agent manually updates the database, and the dialer starts calling the next number.

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