Which Devices Are Supported by AT&T?


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The major classes of devices supported by AT&T include cell phones, tablets and gadgets. AT&T also provides support for home phone services, USB hotspots and prepaid cell phones.

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The largest share of devices supported by AT&T are cell phones. AT&T covers a variety of cell phones, including both basic phones and smart phones. Of the smart phones, AT&T covers both Android and iOS based devices. According to a study conducted by CNET, the most popular smartphone devices in 2015 covered by AT&T were the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the iPhone 6.

In addition to cell phones, AT&T supports a variety of tablets. The Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab are the most popular types of tablets, according to technology publication Digital Landing. Another popular choice is the Samsung ATIV Smart PC, a device that sits halfway between a laptop and a TV.

Besides tablets and cell phones, AT&T caters to a wide range of other gadgets. Smart watches and activity monitors are an example of the kind of gadgets AT&T's network supports. AT&T also sells USB mobile hotspots. These can be plugged into a computer or tablet and used to convert cellular data into Wifi. Mobile hotspots can also be implemented into one's car for mobile Internet access.

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