What Devices Does the Magic Puzzles App Work On?


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The Magic Puzzles app, also known as the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles app, can operate on Apple, Windows, and Android devices as of 2015. Development of device compatibility support and updates to the Magic Jigsaw app come from XIMAND Inc.

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Apple products, such as iPads, iPods, and other devices running iOS 6 or higher, can run the Magic Puzzles app. Windows devices running the operating system Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 can also install and operate the Magic Puzzles app. Android products feature the most compatible devices and operating system for the Magic Puzzles app, with all versions of Android 2.3 or higher having the ability to run the Magic Puzzles app.

The iTunes store, Amazon, the Google Play Store, and the Windows Store all offer special editions of the Magic Puzzles app for sale, each featuring compatibility with a specific type of operating system. Versions of the Magic Puzzles app compatible with Apple products can be found on the iTunes store. Windows editions of the Magic Puzzles app are available at the Windows Store, while the Android editions of the app are available on Amazon and the Google Play Store. All of these stores offer the Magic Puzzles app for purchase online while iTunes also allows in-store app purchases at select Apple locations.

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