What Devices Are Compatible With Voice Typing?


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Most mobile devices, including Apple, Android and Windows devices, offer speech-to-text functionality either through downloadable apps, operating systems or browsers, as of 2015. Windows 10 has built-in speech-to-text functionality; the operating system converts speech to text in most data fields, automatically inserts punctuation, and understands context-sensitive differences in homonyms.

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Apple’s iOS also features text dictation at the system level. For most apps and entry fields, a microphone icon appears on the keyboard display. In iOS 8, the text dictates in real time. In prior versions, users must activate the microphone icon, dictate the text, and tap Done to complete dictation.

The Dragon Mobile App converts text to speech on Android devices. Users can select the app and enable the feature at any time by pressing the microphone button or by using a custom activation phrase. The app works even on locked phones, though users may need to unlock their phones to operate some features.

Google Chrome 11 also has built-in speech-to-text, and users can use this feature on Android devices and any other devices that support Chrome. The feature is only available on sites that feature the speech application programming interface, such as Google Translate. On participating sites, users can select the microphone in the corner of the input box to dictate text or use the listen feature to convert text to speech.

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