How Do You Determine the Value of Old Camera Models?

How Do You Determine the Value of Old Camera Models?

Determine the value of your camera by using resources such as McKeown's Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras. Websites including Google Shopping and eBay may provide a real-time example of what others have paid for comparable cameras.

Begin by gathering as much information about your camera as you can. Establish the model, make, serial number, film type and condition. Ensure that the camera works.

Use a price guide to establish the existing values for your camera. These guides usually use a rating scale based on condition and functionality. Condition is the primary determinant of the camera's value.

To determine the price of your camera using eBay, log on to eBay and click the Advanced link to open the Advance Search page. Choose the Completed Listings option, and enter the model and make of your camera into the search field. Click Search, and browse completed auctions.

To use Google Shopping to determine the worth of your camera, click the Shopping link in your Google account and enter your camera's information, including its make and model. You can find current listings for your camera type on the Web.

These resources only guide you in determining the approximate value of your camera. The actual selling price depends on what a buyer is willing to pay.