How Do You Determine the Value of a Brunswick Phonograph?


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To determine the value of a Brunswick phonograph, determine the model of the phonograph and the year when it was manufactured. After that, obtain a phonograph price guide, such as "Phonograph Auction Prices" by Ray Wilenzick or "Pocket Guide to Antique Musical Machine Values" by Gilbert Pasley, and find the phonograph in it.

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However, the actual value of the phonograph might be different from the prices listed in price guides. This is due to some factors that influence the price of the appliance, such as condition and the number of repairs that have been conducted. Another important factor that influences the price is how quickly the seller wants to get rid of the phonograph and how much effort he is willing to put into finding a buyer, as sometimes it might take a while to find a person who needs the phonograph of the particular model and is willing to pay a high price. People who need to sell items quickly usually get less for them.

Another factor is where the seller is selling the item, as the same monograph might be worth dramatically different sums of money in large cities or in the country. In addition, phonographs that are displayed on sale at large antique stores or galleries usually sell for more money than those phonographs that are sold from home, so consider this when referencing price guides that contain prices from the auctions.

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