How Do I Determine the Model of My PC?

determine-model-pc Credit: Don Farrall/Photodisc/Getty Images

According to Digital Inspiration, computer owners can find the model number of their machine by reading the service tags or looking at the System Information Windows included in its System Tools. This applies to both laptop and desktop computers.

Digital Inspiration notes that the easiest way to find a laptop's serial number is to look at the service tag, which is a sticker the manufacturer places on the underside of the computer. The tag contains the computer's make and model as well as its serial and product numbers.

Although desktop computers also have service tags, the machine's size and weight may make the tags difficult to locate. An alternative way to find the computer's model is to navigate to the System Information. The path begins with the Start menu. Users navigate from there to All Programs, Accessories and System Tools. System Information is located within System Tools.