How Do You Determine the Meaning of an Efile Rejection Code?


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A list of the most common efile error codes is available on the efile website. The most common causes of efile error codes are a date of birth mismatch, a duplicate filing, an adjusted gross income or PIN mismatch or a Social Security number mismatch.

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Any code that ends in 524-01 indicates that the primary date of birth listed on the efiled return does not match the IRS records that the agency obtains from the Social Security Administration. Check the date of birth on the efiled return, and correct it if necessary, or call the Social Security Administration if there does not appear to be an error.

An error code of R0000-902-01 indicates that the IRS detects a duplicate return. A Social Security number error can cause this. Verify that it is correct, and mail the return if the Social Security number is correct and the error code persists. IND-031-01 indicates that the prior year's adjusted gross income does not match the IRS record. Verify the information and resend.

IND-181 means that the Identity Protection Personal Identification Number did not match the IRS record. Check the IP PIN the IRS sent, and verify that it appears correctly. R0000-500-01 means that the Social Security nNumber does not match the IRS record. Verify and resend, mailing the return if the problem persists.

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