How Do You Determine What HDMI Cable to Buy?


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To the human eye, cheap and expensive HDMI cables are indistinguishable as far as color temperature and sharpness of resolution are concerned. Some cheaper HDMI cables have performed better than their more-expensive counterparts in tests, with more longevity.

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All HDMI cables provide similar audio and visual quality. Longevity is common cause for concern in HDMI cables, particularly when the same cord is used to connect many different devices. Longer cables are more likely become damaged, causing degradation of the signal quality.

As an alternative to long HDMI cables, try linking several short cables with cable couplers. This may result in long-term savings, as a user may replace small damaged sections as they occur, often for less money than it would cost to replace one long HDMI cable.

Consider future-proofing needs when purchasing an HDMI cable is sensible. There are two grades of HDMI cable on the market: standard speed and high speed. Standard-speed HDMI cables can handle 720p resolutions with ease, and most can even handle 1080p interlaced with no problems. High-speed HDMI cables are ideal for 1080p interlaced and 4k resolutions. Some high-speed cables can already handle higher resolutions that are not yet available in current technology on the market as of 2015.

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