How Do You Determine How Fast Your Internet Is?

You can determine Internet speed on many free testing sites to ensure that you're getting the best out of your connection. By accessing sites such as Speedtest, SpeedOf.Me or others, you can run a bandwidth test.

  1. Remove malware from your computer

    Before accessing a speed-testing site, run a virus scan and remove any malware, which can affect your bandwidth. Also, have virus protection running at all times when doing speed tests.

  2. Access a speed-testing site and choose a server location

    Access a speed-testing site on the Internet. Speed tests work by sending data between your computer and a remote server and tracking how long it takes data to transfer. For best results, pick the server closest to your location, if offered the option. The farther away a server is, the longer data takes to transfer, which can skew the results.

  3. Start the test and wait

    Click the Start Test button on the site. It measures both download and upload speed. Check the results and compare them against the connection your Internet service provider (ISP) advertises.

  4. Check another speed test site for a second look

    A low speed doesn't necessarily mean your ISP is throttling your bandwidth. Always get a second or third look before coming to any conclusions. In addition, make sure downloads or data are not used concurrently with the tests.