How Do You Determine the Cost to Repair a Tablet Screen?


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The cost to repair a tablet screen depends on who is repairing the screen, whether it is the manufacturer, a third party or oneself. Repairing the screen at the manufacturer is usually the most expensive option, while repairing the screen yourself is the cheapest.

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How Do You Determine the Cost to Repair a Tablet Screen?
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Repairing a broken tablet screen at a manufacturer guarantees that the screen is fixed properly. The cost of a repair depends on the complexity of the damage and it could cost upwards of $600 or more. Even though the cause of the damage may not be covered under the warranty, some manufacturers allow users to get a replacement tablet at little to no cost. If insurance was purchased with the device, the repair may be covered with a small deductible.

Many third parties correctly fix any problems at a smaller cost to the manufacturer repair. However, it is important to make sure these companies receive positive reviews, because damage with improper repair work is common, and these problems may only be detected long after the repair is done. Repairing the device with third parties also voids any warranties, which can lead to more costs in the future. Werx repair offers tablet repairs that cost up to $300, depending on the device.

If one repairs the screen himself, the cost solely depends on the replacement parts. However, it is easy to damage the device during the repair and can render the phone unusable. An alternative is a screen repair spray that patches cracks in the glass. Most repair parts and the spray cost up to $100, as of April 2015.

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