How Do You Find Detailed Instructions for Using Your Cellphone?

How Do You Find Detailed Instructions for Using Your Cellphone?

To find detailed instructions for using your cellphone, read the user manual for the phone. The user manual is usually one of the items included when you purchase the phone. If you don't have it, look the user manual up on the phone manufacturer's website or your carrier's website, as of 2015.

Carrier websites typically include user manuals for every phone that carrier offers, along with other instructions for using the phone, such as support files, interactive tutorials and video tutorials. The process for finding a phone's user manual and other phone information varies depending on the carrier's website. However, this information is usually available in the site's support section. In the support section, the site prompts you to select your phone, and then brings up all available information on that phone.

Alternatively, perform a search for your phone on the carrier's website. The product page often has manuals or links to support information for that phone.

If you're unable to find information on your phone, contact the carrier for assistance with site navigation. You can also contact the carrier for help performing tasks on your phone.

To find phone information on the manufacturer's website, visit the home page and perform a search for that phone model. Open the phone's product page, and look for a manuals section.