How Do You Do Desktop Sharing With Verizon?

Desktop sharing with Verizon is accessible with a code from Verizon Technical Support. Enter the code on, and click the red button to give the Verizon representative remote access to your computer. Verizon desktop sharing is powered by Citrix GoToAssist.

Desktop sharing is an online technology that allows individuals to view or access a computer from a remote location. Desktop sharing software must be installed on the computer to enable access. The remote device can access the computer through a website access point, such as There are many different uses for desktop sharing, such as Web conferencing, troubleshooting and tech support, and document retrieval. Desktop sharing applications and portals are available with free or pay-to-use options.

Citrix GoToAssist is a remote support software designed for companies to assist customers with troubleshooting and tech support. Companies can easily initiate and invite customers to support sessions, give an access code, and access customer devices and computers remotely. In addition, companies can access unattended computers remotely for maintenance and upgrades. Citrix GoToAssist is available for purchase or as a free trial.

GoToAssist is also available as a mobile application to allow remote access to tablets and phones with no additional charge. Companies can view device information, diagnostics and settings to quickly diagnose and fix problems remotely. Furthermore, GoToAssist mobile allows companies to use the device's camera to view possible machinery problems.