How Do You Design a Printable to-Do List?


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To design a printable to-do list, create a word processing document, and use a checkbox bullet list to include a title, a short description and a choice of item priority. A word processing document, such as Microsoft Word, allows the to-do list template to be created, saved and printed for use in future lists, as described by Microsoft.

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  1. Start a new document

    Open Microsoft Word, and create a new document using the File menu. Type and format an appropriate list title. Provide a blank line using underscore characters for the list date.

  2. Insert a bulleted checkbox list

    Create a bulleted list in the document. Choose a checkbox icon from the bullet list library, which appears as a small square box. This box icon provides an area to check off each completed item in the list.

  3. Provide an area for each item title and description

    Type a short title for each important item on the daily to-do list. On the next line, type a more detailed description of specific tasks for that list item to be completed. Optionally, the list item descriptions can be blank lines to fill in manually, if these details change daily.

  4. Include a choice for item priority

    Add priority options on the right side of each list item, such as: high, medium and low. Circle the priority for each item daily to provide guidance as to which items should be completed first.

  5. Save the document and print

    Save the completed to-do list, and print a copy of the list for each day.

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