How Do You Design a Game on Scratch?


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To design a game on Scratch, first create a free user account so that you can edit and save your games. Signing in takes you to the editing stage where you choose characters, graphics and sounds, code the motions in your game and test.

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Sign in to your Scratch account to access the game design tools. Located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, the stage gives you options to change, add or create characters (called sprites), change the color of the backdrop, or choose a photo and select scripts to make the characters move, talk and show emotion.

The large gray area on the right side of the design window allows you to test your game as you build it. For instance, to assign motions and test them, choose a character, and select the Scripts tab in the top center of the screen. Choose the blue Motions option, and select and drag blue motion blocks from the menu to the gray test area. Click each one to see how the character moves. Use the same procedure for all the Scripts menus. Explore the Costumes and Sounds tabs, and customize values as necessary to create the effects you want. To delete an object, usually you can right-click on it.

Continue to design and test your game until you’re satisfied that it works the way you intended. Remember to save often and to download backup copies.

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