How Do You Design a Clean Home Page?


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To design a clean home page, be discerning about what you put on the page, and keep the layout simple. Make sure there is plenty of white space, use crisp images, and choose a classic typeface.

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When deciding what to put on the page, start by prioritizing. Determine what information and functionality the home page needs to have. If something is not necessary on the home page, it can be added to a different page. Create a visual hierarchy, placing the most important elements on the most prominent portions of the page, and ensure there is a sufficient amount of open space, or white space, between the different modules on the page. If there is not enough empty space, the home page becomes too crowded, and it is difficult for visitors to focus on any particular thing.

Another tip is to give the page a clear focus. Decide exactly what users should be getting from the home page, and populate it only with elements that work to achieve that purpose.

Always use high-quality images and crisp graphics. Using a classic, well-proportioned typeface also makes a page appear cleaner and more professional. Try to keep the color scheme unified. Choose one main color and a couple of highlight shades or complementary colors. Having too many different colors can be distracting for users.

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