What Do You Do If Your Dell Battery Is Not Charging?


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When a Dell battery is not charging, unplug the laptop, plug it into a different AC outlet, and check that the battery is in the right position. Additionally, inspect the power cord and the connector, restart the computer, and recalibrate the battery.

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Unplugging the laptop and plugging it into a different power outlet after a few minutes helps to check whether the power socket works and that the computer is not overheating. Placing the battery in its right position can help to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the battery and the laptop contact points. If this does not help, examine the length of the power cord for tears, dents and worn-down insulation, and replace it if it’s faulty.

If the connector is covered in dust particles and debris, unplug the cord, remove debris with a wooden toothpick, and remove heavy dust build-up using a vacuum. If the laptop battery feels hot, excess heat could be interfering with the charging process. Shutting down the computer can help quicken the cooling process.

If a Dell computer powers on properly without the battery, the battery is faulty. To resolve this, replace the defective battery with a new one. Calibration problems might occur if the battery does not have an accurate life gauge. Resetting the battery may help fix the charging problem.

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