What Does the Delivery Status Notification Failure Message in Hotmail Mean?

The delivery status notification failure message in Hotmail means that the email sent did not reach its final destination. The main reason for a failed email is an incorrect email address. When Hotmail returns the email as undeliverable, it includes a result report in the message that clearly states the specific reason the email was returned.

Additional issues that lead to a delivery status notification failure message in Hotmail include full or unavailable inboxes, temporary connection issues, blacklist filters on the receiver's end and files or attachments that are too large to send. Incorrect email addresses are often simply typed incorrectly and can be easily re-sent after typing in the correct address.

Mail that is undeliverable due to an unavailable inbox can be archived and sent at a later date and time, and temporary connection issues tend to resolve within a short period of time. Blacklist filtered emails are not as easy to remedy, as the sender is blocked from the receiver's end. If email is recognized as spam, there are several email programs that automatically bounce spam as well as send a report to the sender. For files that exceed the size capacity, there are special programs that work well to minimize file size, and there are also file sharing sites that allow users to share their files via peer-to-peer service.