How Do You Delete a Twitter Account?

Delete your Twitter account by deactivating the account on the Web version of the social media site. Twitter then puts your account in the queue for permanent deletion.

  1. Sign into your Twitter account

    Login to your Twitter account with the email, phone or username associated with the account. Input the password to gain access to the Web version of Twitter. You cannot deactivate Twitter from mobile versions of the social media website.

  2. Select "Account settings"

    Choose the section for "Account settings" on your main Twitter profile. Click the button at the bottom of the "Account settings" page that reads "Deactivate my account."

  3. Follow the instructions

    Read Twitter's account deactivation information, which includes important instructions about how to deactivate the account. Your Twitter account is retained for 30 days after your deactivation request, and then it is permanently deleted. You can reactive your account within the 30-day period by logging into your account and following the reactivation instructions. Your account is hidden from other users during the 30-day waiting period.

  4. Verify deactivation

    After you read the deactivation information, confirm that you want to deactivate the account by selecting "Okay, fine, deactivate account." You then need to enter your password. Your account is removed from Twitter's website within a few minutes of your confirmation. Twitter warns that search engines such as Google and Bing may not erase your Twitter information right away. As of Nov. 2014, some information may remain on the Twitter website for a few days after you permanently deactivate the account.