How Do You Delete Toolbars?


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Toolbars can be deleted manually or with a removal tool. Sometimes, downloaded files contain unwanted surprises, such as browser toolbars that can hijack your Internet search queries. Removing these can be tricky, as not every software author has ethical intentions.

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  1. Close extra browser windows

    Shut down any extra browser windows you may have open so that only one instance of the browser is running on your system. This ensures that no extra copies of the toolbar remain in the computer's memory during the uninstall process.

  2. Remove the toolbar manually

    In your browser's Settings or Configuration menu, look for an option labeled Extensions or Addons. This is usually where browser toolbars appear. Find the toolbar in the list, and click the appropriate button to uninstall it. If that option is greyed out, you may be able to disable it instead. After disabling, you may be able to fully remove the toolbar after restarting your browser.

  3. Use a removal tool

    If the toolbar reinstalls itself, it is a spyware or malware program. In this case, use a spyware removal tool such as Ad-Aware or Malwarebytes to scan your system. This not only highlights and removes browser toolbars, but it also removes the code that allows them to lurk on your system and prevents your efforts to remove them.

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