How Do You Delete Text Messages in IOS 7?


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To delete text messages in iOS 7, navigate to the desired conversation. Tap and hold a text bubble to open the options menu. Click More..., and tap the bubble next to the text you wish to delete.

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  1. Open the text message folder

    Locate the text folder on the iOS 7 home screen. Tap the icon labeled Messages, which is identified by a white dialogue bubble with a green background.

  2. Navigate to the desired conversation

    Scroll and tap the conversation you wish to delete. Confirm that it's the correct conversation by verifying the name or phone number displayed at the top of the screen.

  3. Select a text bubble

    Tap and hold the text you wish to delete. This may be a text from the sender or receiver. After several seconds, a black options menu is displayed.

  4. Choose the appropriate option

    In the newly displayed options menu, tap More..., which is to the right of Copy.

  5. Select messages to delete

    Upon selecting More, circles appear to the left of each message. The selected text is automatically highlighted. Click the circle next to each message you wish to delete. Upon clicking, the transparent bubble turns blue. Alternatively, select Delete All in the upper left corner to delete the entire conversation.

  6. Confirm the action

    After selecting the desired messages, click the trashcan icon in the lower left corner. Confirm the action by tapping Delete Message in the subsequent confirmation box. If Delete All was chosen, click Delete Conversation when prompted.

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