How Do You Delete Temporary Internet Files?


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Temporary Internet files can be deleted by using the "Internet Options" function in the Control Panel of the Microsoft Windows applications. This action will help free up disk space on the computer and reduce the risk of a security or a privacy breach occurring or a virus being contracted.

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A few steps are all that are necessary to completely clear temporary Internet files.

  1. Access Internet options
  2. Click the "Start" button, and then click the "Control Panel" option. Double-click the "Network and Internet" option and then double-click the "Internet Options" button. If an earlier version of Windows than Windows 7 is being used, then "Network and Internet" doesn't need to be selected; just double-click on "Internet Options."
  3. Erase the history
  4. From the "Internet Options" dialog box, select the tab labeled "General." Go down to the area called "Browsing History," and then click the "Delete" button. Click "Delete Files" under "Temporary Internet Files" if a pre-Windows 7 version is in use.
  5. Get rid of everything.
  6. Click the Delete All button, and then answer in the affirmative to confirm the actions taken. If you're a pre-Windows 7 user, then from the Delete Files dialog box, select the Delete All Offline Content check box, and answer in the affirmative twice to complete the actions and save the changes.
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