How Do You Delete Specific Pages From a PDF File?


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Delete specific pages from a PDF file by uploading it to an online service such as Online2PDF.com or SmallPDF.com, selecting all pages except the ones you want to remove and creating a new PDF file. Another option is to download a printer subsystem utility such as CutePDF Writer, open the PDF file in any PDF viewer, select CutePDF as the printing solution, and specify which pages to add to the final version.

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On Online2PDF.com, click on the Select Files button, click on the PDF file from which you want to extract pages, and click Open. Once the file loads, click on the button featuring scissors, type the page numbers you want to include, and offset them using commas. To specify page ranges, use a hyphen between page numbers. Finally, click Convert to create a new file and download it automatically.

On SmallPDF.com, upload your PDF file, hold the Shift key, and select the pages you want to leave intact. Click the Split PDF button, and click on Download Now to get the file.

With CutePDF Writer installed, open your PDF file using a PDF viewer, initiate the printing process, select CutePDF from the list of printers, and add the pages in the Range field. Click the Print button, and save the file when prompted. If you haven’t modified output directory settings, the new PDF file should appear in the Documents folder.

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