How Do You Delete Songs Using IOS 7?

To delete a song on iOS7, you must first determine whether the song resides on the device or in the cloud. If the song resides on the iOS7 device, delete the song by using the Music application. This process takes just a few minutes.

  1. Open the Music application

    Tap on the Music icon on your iOS7 device to open the music application. This icon typically resides in your dock at the bottom of the phone and has a musical note on it.

  2. View all of your songs

    Tap on the Songs option located at the bottom of the screen. All of the songs you have on your device and in the cloud are displayed. Alternatively, you can tap Artist to first view all of your artists on your device. Then, you can select a particular artist to view their songs.

  3. Determine which songs reside on your device

    Look for the cloud icon next to the song. Songs with this icon reside in the cloud and are not stored on your device.

  4. Delete the song

    Once you have determined which song you want to delete, swipe from right to left. A delete icon appears. Tap delete to remove the song from your device. If you wish to delete additional songs, repeat the process.