How Do You Delete Songs From ITunes?


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To delete songs from iTunes, open iTunes, select the songs you want to delete, click the Delete button, and then click Move to Trash. This process takes less than 2 minutes.

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  1. Launch iTunes, and select the songs to be deleted

    Launch iTunes by clicking the iTunes icon to access the iTunes control menu. Click the Songs tab on the menu to view different songs in the library.

  2. Highlight the songs to be deleted

    To highlight multiple songs that you want to delete, select one song, then press the Shift key on your keyboard as you click on other songs to be deleted. If you want to delete only one song, then click on it without pressing the Shift key.

  3. Delete the selected songs

    Press the Delete key on your keyboard to delete the selected songs. When a new window pops up to confirm whether you want to move the selected songs to the Trash or keep them in the iTunes media folder, press the Move to Trash key to completely delete the songs from the hard drive. When you press the Keep File key instead of Move to Trash, the songs are omitted from the music library, but still exist on the hard drive.

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