How Do You Delete Songs From an IPad?


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To delete songs from an iPad, swipe on the songs to be deleted and select "Delete." The cloud icon may appear beside deleted songs.

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Deleting songs from an iPad is very easy. Users can run through the following steps:

  1. Launch the Music application
  2. Open the Music application on the iPad. This is where content that is synced from the computer or purchased from iTunes is stored.

  3. Swipe the screen
  4. Swipe across the screen to the left above the title of each song to be deleted.

  5. Select "Delete"
  6. A red "Delete" button should appear. Select this option to delete the song. The song should automatically delete with no further prompts. Users who are running iTunes Match may see a cloud icon next to the song, which means that the song is deleted from the iPad but is still stored in the Cloud. However, this option is only available for songs purchased on iTunes.

If users decide to restore deleted songs to the iPad, they can press the cloud icon to download songs stored on the Cloud. They can add songs that were not purchased on iTunes by using iTunes to sync the device on a computer. This option also works for users who do not have the iTunes Match service.

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