How Do You Delete Saved Messages on an IPhone 5?

How Do You Delete Saved Messages on an IPhone 5?

In order to delete saved messages on an iPhone 5, select the messages to delete, manually delete the message and then, if desired, sync the phone with iTunes and change the settings so that the deleted messages do not appear again. Many times, a deleted message is retrieved easily through the Spotlight search feature on the iPhone 5 if the settings have not been changed internally and the phone has not been synced.

There are several methods to delete a saved message from an iPhone 5, but below is the standard method to manually delete messages.

  1. Delete the message
  2. From the top of any message thread, tap Clear All to delete the entire conversation, or select a specific message and tap Edit and then Delete.

  3. Make cache files invisible
  4. To keep the deleted messages from coming up in the Spotlight search, go into Settings, tap on General and then Spotlight, then simply remove the check next to Messages.

  5. Sync the iPhone 5
  6. Syncing the phone regularly to iTunes ensures that deleted cache files are permanently removed from the phone so they can no longer be retrieved.

  7. Use a file manager
  8. There are a variety of file managers available for the iPhone 5 that are designed to help users track, record and clear messages and files from their iPhones. Two of the most commonly used file manager apps include iFunBox and iExplorer.