How Do You Delete Safari Bookmarks on a Mac?


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Bookmarks in Safari on a Mac computer are managed using the open-bookmark icon. Once this is opened, bookmarks can be deleted.

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Deleting bookmarks on a Mac is a simple process that does not need any particular technical knowledge. It is done through the Safari browser.

  1. Click the open-book icon
  2. The open-book icon is in the top left of the browser, below the address bar. It is shaped like a book that is open. This should be clicked on to open the bookmark management tool.
  3. Locate the bookmarks to be deleted
  4. All of the bookmarks saved on the Mac will show in the list that appears. There are typically two columns. The left column groups bookmarks together while the right column shows individual bookmarks. Sometimes Apple's Cover Flow prevents the list of bookmarks from showing in the column on the right. If this is the case, click on the three horizontal lines below the scroll bar and drag that up to reveal the bookmarks.
  5. Select and delete
  6. Once the bookmarks to be deleted are located, select them by clicking on them, then click "Edit" and "Delete." Alternatively, right click on the bookmark and select "Delete." Once finished, click on the open-book icon to close the bookmark's window.
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