How Do You Delete One of Two Windows Operating Systems?

In order to delete one of two Windows operating systems, the user must know which is the working Windows folder, then they can delete the secondary one that is not in use and alter the boot.ini file and system start-up settings. A backup file should always be saved before making system changes to the computer. There are several reasons why two operating systems are installed on one computer, but the most common is from installing an upgraded Windows operating system without formatting the drive.

  1. Determine the Windows folder to keep.
  2. Click 'Start' then 'Run' and type %windir% and click OK. The Windows folder that comes up is the working folder and is not to be deleted.

  3. Delete the secondary Windows folder
  4. Right click the Windows folder to be removed and click "Delete." Click "Yes" to confirm the deletion.

  5. Alter the Boot.ini file
  6. Click "Start"' then right-click on "My Computer"' and then click "Properties." Under the Advanced tab, click "Settings" under Startup and Recovery. When the box appears click" 'Edit" to modify the Boot.ini file. When the notepad opens with the Boot.ini file click "Save As" and name it Boot.old. Click "Exit." Reopen the Boot.ini file and delete the line of text with the Windows that was just deleted. Click "Save" and then restart the computer.