How Do You Delete Music From an IPhone?


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Delete music from your iPhone through iTunes or directly from your mobile device. The most efficient way to delete music from your iPhone depends on your operating system or model and the number of songs or albums you want to remove.

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  1. Adjust settings to streamline the removal process

    Before deleting music on your iPhone, tap Settings, then iTunes & App Store to ensure that iTunes Match is disabled. After affirming the feature is turned off, return to Settings, and tap Music. Switch the Show All Music slider to Off to hide music that cannot be deleted, including songs stored in your iTunes and iCloud accounts, but not on your phone.

  2. Delete individual songs, artists or albums on iOS 7 or later devices

    To remove individual songs on iOS 7 or later iPhones, tap the Music app and then the Songs category. Swipe left over the song, and tap Delete to remove the title from your iPhone. To remove artists or albums (only available in iOS 8 or later models), select the Artists menu and repeat the process.

  3. Delete multiple songs or your entire music library

    To delete your entire music library, tap Settings, General and then Usage. Tap the Manage Storage menu under the Storage section, and select Music. From here, tap Edit at the top right of the screen. Select the red minus sign(s) next to each artist to remove albums or multiple songs quickly or the red minus sign next to All Songs at the top to delete your entire library. Confirm the removal by selecting Delete, then click Done at the top right of the screen.

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