How Do You Delete Music From an IPhone 5?


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To delete individual songs from your iPhone 5, open the Music application. Find and view the song or songs you wish to remove. Swipe and select each song, and then tap the Delete button.

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  1. Open the music app

    Turn on your iPhone 5, and tap the red Music icon to launch the Music app.

  2. View the songs on your iPhone 5

    Tap the Songs option located at the bottom of the screen to view all of the songs on your iPhone 5. If you want to find a song by a particular artist, tap the Artists icon.

  3. Determine where the song resides

    Once you have located a song or songs you want to delete, determine whether the song is stored on your device or in your iCloud account. Songs that are stored in your iCloud have the icon of a cloud immediately to the right of the song title. These songs cannot be deleted directly using your iPhone 5.

  4. Delete songs that are stored on your phone

    When you have found a song that is stored on your phone, swipe your finger from the right edge of the phone to the left. A red Delete button appears on the screen. Tap the button to remove the song.

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