How Do You Delete Music From an IPad?


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To delete music from an iPad, tap the Music application on the home screen, choose the music you want to delete, swipe across the name of the music from right to left and then click Delete on the new pop-up window. This process takes less than one minute.

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  1. Launch the Music application on the iPad

    To launch the Music application, go to the home screen of the iPad and click the application named “Music.” This opens a new menu that contains music that has been stored in the playlist of your iPad.

  2. Locate the music you want to delete

    Browse the music you want to delete by tapping on the album, playlist or the name of the artist. When you find the music you want to delete, swipe your fingers to the left side of the selected music to open the Delete option.

  3. Instruct the iPad to delete the selected music

    Tap on the red Delete button to delete the selected music. The deletion process is complete when the Delete button disappears from the screen. To confirm whether the selected music has been deleted, close the Music application, and then reopen it. The deleted music should not appear in the playlist.

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