How Do You Delete Multiple Contacts on an IPhone?

How Do You Delete Multiple Contacts on an IPhone?

An easy way of deleting multiple contacts on an iPhone is to use iCloud. The changes made to iCloud automatically reflect on any synchronized device.

iCloud is an Apple-hosted cloud-computing service. It allows users to synchronize and back up their music, pictures and contacts. To delete multiple contacts from their phones, owners will need to have iCloud installed on their systems, as well as synchronized with their devices. They will also need to ensure that this feature is enabled under System Preferences.

  1. Launch iCloud
  2. Open iCloud and navigate to the Contacts section. Doing this brings up a list of all the contacts synchronized from the phone.

  3. Select contacts to be deleted
  4. Owners can select multiple contacts at once by holding down the Command key on the Mac or CTRL key on Windows.

  5. Delete contacts

At the bottom of the window is a tiny gear icon. Clicking on this provides owners with a list of actions, one of which is delete. Clicking on delete will confirm the process. An alternative way of deleting the files is to press the Delete shortcut key on the keyboard. Once the delete is completed, the changes made will automatically reflect on the iPhone or tablet when it is synchronized with iCloud.