How Do You Delete Messages on Facebook?

How Do You Delete Messages on Facebook?

Delete messages on Facebook by entering the Messages home page, opening a conversation and using the Actions menu. Mark the messages in the conversation you want to delete.

  1. Click Messages on the left side of your homepage

    After logging in to a personal Facebook homepage, a navigation bar is visible on the left-hand side. Directly under the news feed, the Messages link is available. Click on this link to open the Messages page.

  2. Open the conversation containing the target message

    The messages inbox appears on the left side of the page. In this area, all previous conversations are listed in reverse chronological order. Select the conversation that contains the message to be deleted. This opens all of the messages sent and received during the conversation in the center of the page.

  3. Open the Actions drop-down menu

    To the right of the user's name, click the Actions bar to open a drop-down menu. In the middle of the drop-down menu, select Delete Messages. This enters the conversation into an edit mode. Check boxes appear to the left of each message.

  4. Select messages to delete

    Use the check boxes to the left of each message to mark the messages to delete. Then, click Delete at the bottom of the conversation to delete the selected messages.