How Do You Delete Your Instagram Account?

From your account settings page, select the "I'd like to delete my account" link located at the bottom right of the page. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the deletion of your Instagram account.

  1. Log in to your Instagram Account

    On the Instagram home page select the blue "Log in" button with the image of the house. Then enter your user name and password to log in to your account. This directs you to your home page where you see recent posts made by Instagram users you are following.

  2. Navigate to your profile settings

    In the upper right corner of your home page on Instagram you see your profile picture. Click on your profile picture to open the drop down menu that includes "Edit Profile." Select the edit profile option to enter your profile settings page.

  3. Delete your Instagram account

    Select the "I’d like to delete my account" link at the bottom of the profile editor page. You are then prompted to select a reason for the cancellation. Reasons for cancellation include privacy concerns, removing comments or images, and the inability to find friends. Then follow the on-screen steps to permanently delete your account. Finally re-enter your password and confirm the cancellation.