How Do You Delete a Homepage?


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Change the homepage of a web browser by going into browser settings and changing the Home or Startup settings. The exact fields depend on whether the browser is Internet Explorer, Chrome or something else. Users who find their homepages changed without their authorization may need malware remover software.

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To delete the homepage in Internet Explorer, open the web browser, and then click on the arrow to the right of the Home button. Next, click Remove. Delete a single homepage by clicking on it and then clicking Yes. Users can also delete all homepages by clicking Remove All and clicking Yes.

To delete the homepage in Google Chrome, open the browser and select Settings from the toolbar. Next, click the settings menu, and navigate to the On Startup section. Click on Open a Specific Page or Set of Pages, and then click the link for Set Pages. This allows users to delete the current homepage selection and create a new homepage if desired.

If a virus or spyware has changed the homepage, users may need to use antivirus and antispy programs such as Microsoft Security Essentials to remove the offending program before changing or deleting the homepage settings in the browser.

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